Bowling Pin Shoot

2017 Upcoming Event Dates:

Thursday January 5 at 6:00pm

Thursday February 2 at 6:00pm

Thursday March 2 at 6:00pm

Thursday April 6 at 6:00pm

Get registered NOW – spots fill up fast



B&D Shooting Range offers a Bowling Pin Shoot for its customers. Why shoot a bowling pin? Because it’s fun! Bowling pins are a dynamic target, if you hit them off center they tend to fall down instead of going off the table. In this double elimination standoff you compete against solid targets and other shooters. Oh and did we mention this is fun?

We allow a maximum of 32 Shooters for this event.
Max Calibers Auto – 45ACP, Revolver – 44 Special / 45Colt.
NO .357 Mag., 41 Mag., 44 Mag. or above please.
All rimfire & centerfire shooters welcome.

6pm – 7pm – .22 LR Rimfire only

7pm – ?? – .22 LR Rimfire & Centerfire

Contact B&D Shooting Range to register for the next Bowling Pin Shoot.